6/19/23, 6:30 PM Aquapark instillation report 2023
Anchor weights were free of sharp edges or corners
Anchor weight must be lowered by winch from the purpose built barge using an electric hoist fitted toi the gantry.
Weights embed themselves in the sediment at the bottom of the lake and when moving them pressure from the hoist must be increased slowly over five minutes to allow them to break the suction by the embeding.

Equipment used.
Excavator for lifting
Barge with electric hoist
Flat trailer free of sharp edges.
Vairious tool, knives, plyers, blow torch, waterproof tape adjustable spanner ect.

Anchors are constructed from large vehicle tyres filled with concrete and with attachment point embedded in the centre.
All appropriate quantities ropes, shackles, and Bungy were prepared prior to putting out the Aquapark.
Achor weights were lifted and lowered gently onto the barge using the excavtor.
Each anchor was fitted with a 4mm Dyneema rope floating teltale to allow it to be located. See photgraph

Marine Dyneema Anchor ropes with a breaking strain of over 1000 kilos were used and fitted prior to lowering into position.
Between one and four ropes were fitted depending on the design of the park with respect to each anchor point.
These were attached to the telltale ropes to eliminate the need to dive to recover them.
The design of the Aquapark was prepared before attempting to install the obstacles.
Having regard to the local weather forcast A calm day was chosen to install the park.
The obstacles were assembled and inflated on the grass which had been checked fto be clear of any sharp objects or debris.
Working from the design ropes were marked with the position of the anchors points. Working one side at a time the rope was positioned under tension between guide anchors and or the shore
This allowed the barge to lower the anchor weights at the marked points on the ropes. Once the anchor weights are in position the obstacle was systematically lifted (not dragged) onto the water and floated into position using at least three operators.
These were then attached to the anchor weights as per the deisgn. Attachment is by snap shackes and bungy see photograph.
Knots that are secure but can be easily adjusted were used.
All were attached by the same method.
The Obstacles were then attached to each other by their individual design using 10 mm bungy.
The attachments must be checked every two weeks and adjusted if the lake level changes through the summer.
The aquapark inflation is checked daily. If high winds are encountered the large items are deflated until the threat passes.
Use of the Aquapark is suspended in winds over 25 mph.
North East Wake Park.
Bishopton Lake
Stockton on Tees
TS21 1EY
Tel. 07492 693 602



Bouncia Wave 6mt B1
Bouncia Wave 6mt B2
Bouncia Wave 9mt B3
Bouncia Wave 9mt B4
Bouncia Corner 1.2mt B5
Bouncia Corner 1.2mt B6
Bouncia Platform 2mt B7
Bouncia Platform 2mt B8
Bouncia Platform 6mt B9
Bouncia Frog 4mt B101
Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B11
Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B12
Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B13
Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B14
Bouncia Corner B15
Asia Inflatables Cage 5 mt AI-2 Asia Inflatables Cage 5 mt
Asia Inflatables Beam 6mt AI-3 Asia Inflatables Beam 6mt
Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt AI-4 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt
Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt AI-5 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt
Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt AI-6 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt
Asia Inflatables Monkey 4mt AI-7 Asia Inflatables Monkey 4mt
Asia Inflatables Drop Stitch Matt AI-8 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt
Asia Inflatables Slide AI-9 Asia Inflatables Slide
Asia Inflatables Hopper 6m AI-10 Asia Inflatables Hopper
Asia Inflatables Tipper AI-11 Asia Inflatables Tipper
Asia Inflatables Iceburg AI-12 Asia Inflatables Iceburgr
Aquaglide Bouncer AG1
Aquaglide Rockit AG2
Bouncia Platform 2mt B-7 Bouncia Platform 2mt B-8 Bouncia Platform 6mt B-9 Bouncia Frog 4mt B-10 Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B-11 Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B-12 Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B-13 Bouncia Acess Ramp 0.5mt B-14 Bouncia Corner 1.2mt B-15 Bouncia Iceburg 6mt B-16 Asia Inflatables Mini Rocker Al-1 Asia Inflatables Cage 5 mt A1-2 Asia Inflatables Beam 6mt A1-3 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt A1-4 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt A1-5 Asia Inflatables Drop/Stitch Matt A1-6 Asia Inflatables Monkey 4mt A1-7 Asia Inflatables Drop Stitch Matt A1-8 Asia Inflatables Slide A1-9 Asia Inflatables Hopper AI-10 Asia Inflatables Tipper AI-11 Asia Inflatables Iceburg AI-12 Aquaglide Bouncer AG-10 Aquaglide Rockit AG-11
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