Want to work or volunteer at North East Wake Park?

There are plenty of ways to work and help out at North East Wake Park. We can fully train you to become an operator or you can volunteer to help out and get free riding. A great place  to get your training and start working in this awesome industry.

Below is a list of ways you can work at North East Wake Park:

Day Volunteers
This is the most basic way of working for us and helping out. Lots of jobs that need doing, like handing out flyers, putting up posters, cleaning wetsuits, helping unload obstacles, running the competitions like the Grassroots Tour, helping with  Special events,  Kids Clubs and Wake Academy’s and many more. When you help out you can gain free riding time!

Here are a few examples:
Half day handing out flyers and posters: Free riding or credit in the pro shop.
Full day working on one of our trade stands at events like  University Freshers Fares, Open Days, etc: Free riding, credit in the pro shop or free entry to the event.
Help supervising riders during kids Cutting Edge Club or Wake Academy (you would need to have a valid CRB for this): Credit in the shop or at the wake park.
Full day work helping in the shop: Credit in the shop or at the wake park.

Operator / Instructor
We are always in need of System operators and instructors. In order to work operating the systems you must have a valid BWSW System 2.0 Operators License. If you want to become an operator you can do a course right here at our wake park!

Operator Course – Paid
We are a training site for becoming a BWSW System 2.0 Operator and Instructor. Once you get this license you can go anywhere in the world and work a System 2.0 wake park. Please contact us for details and prices

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Check out options, prices and gift vouchers then call 07494 225 582 or email northeastwakepark@gmail.com to book your time slot.

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