Our obstacles are designed and fabricated by the Industry Wake Parks crew. All the wakeboard obstacles are safe, user friendly and designed with decades of experience. At the moment we have three obstacles, one Box and two Kickers situated on Cable 1, for the more experienced Intermediate to Pro riders. Cable 2 is clear of obstacles for use by beginners and  more novice riders.

Cable 1

1 x BOX

You can learn your first board slide or you can learn the most technical rail tricks on this box. It is amazing for all standards of rider to learn, progress and have fun on.


We have 2 small kickers on the Cable 1. These are mega fun for all standard of riders and are the most used obstacles we have. The first time you hit an obstacle, you will be hitting these. There are two, so not matter which stance you ride, you have a kicker on your heelside and toeside edge. For people who can already ride, these kickers make it super easy to learn tricks.


What standard of rider do I have to be before I can use the obstacles?

Before you can hit the obstacles you must be able to complete the following wakeboard maneuvers whilst remaining in control of your board:
– Hold an aggressive heelside and toeside edge
– Negotiate corners
– Ollie
– Turn the board from regular to switch and back
– Ride switch at least 100m
– Ollie to switch
– Using obstacles can lead to excessive wear and damage to your wakeboard
– Using obstacles may void your boards warranty, check with your local retailer
– Use of obstacles can cause personal injury, use at own risk


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