Opening Hours

Bishopton Lake is for water sports only and no Dogs are allowed.

You will need to contact us book before you arrive

Lake Activites -SUP -Aquapark -Wakeboarding

Open 12-7 pm Tuesday to Fridays and 10-7 pm weekends; From September,
opening is dependent on prevailing weather conditions and water temperature .

Open Water Swimming

You need to book before you arrive. Also You need a wetsuit suitable for the conditions and a tow float if a lone swimmer. Monday 10-12
Tuesday 10-12; 5-7pm
Wednesday 10-12
Thursday 11-1pm
Sat Sun 10-12pm
Friday 10-12pm
Saturday 10-12pm
Sunday 10-12pm
Don't forget you need to pre book and swim with at least one other swimmer on the water or have a Tow float.

The Wake Park , Aqua Park and SUP . This is only available if you are booked in advance

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your booked time so you are ready to go.
It is possible to launch your own non motorised equipment but launches must be pre booked and craft suitable for our water areas.
Phone 07492 693 602

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